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Our vision, our history

In the heart of Champagny-en-Vanoise, our passion for the mountains gave birth to a vision: combining alpine charm with modern finishes, offering each resident an unparalleled experience between nature and comfort. Our mission goes beyond simple residences: it aims to exceed expectations, to respect the rich heritage of the region and to ensure a level of excellence at each stage.

Each decision, from the selection of materials to the final design, is the result of a dedicated team, inspired by the beauty of this unique place that we call “home”.

80 m


600 m

Recreatiegebied Klein Strand

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About Vesta


Vesta develops commercial and residential projects, both in Belgium and abroad. When creating our work and living spaces, we always put customer comfort first. That's why we're more than project developers: we're also a listening ear, border breakers, and problem solvers.

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